What IT can be.


We are specialists in a wide range of technology and solutions

Forward Thinking

Fix it before it’s even broken.  A proactive approach with our solutions means you don’t worry about downtime.


Since 1995 Compudata has been London’s premier IT source.  Winner of 2016 London Consumer Choice Award!

Customer Support

With staff always available, we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Compudata Systems’ core business endeavours have centred on building exceptional workstations and servers while also providing affordable IT service to businesses. All servers and workstations are given a custom configuration and are manufactured to match the customer’s needs. Through direct sales, and a dedicated network of resellers across the nation, Compudata has acquired an install base of thousands of systems serving clients in the educational, government and small business/commercial sectors across Canada.

Compudata understands that customers and resellers choose the solution provider they deem to be the best. Compudata’s mission is to be that best choice.

Our Customers Come First

Compudata Systems promotes a customer service attitude that strives to ensure complete satisfaction for all our clients. This attitude is the core motivation and central philosophy that all Compudata employees hold.

When working with Compudata you will notice the little things that make for a great customer service experience. When you call consumer choiceCompudata, we will always do our best to help you, especially by finding the best Compudata employee able to help. We use a business model that anticipates that we will resolve or set in motion a resolution during your very first phone call. We do have some services, like our web store, that generate automated email messages for our subscribers. Feel free to respond to these with questions, and your email will be directed to a Compudata representative who will do their best to answer your questions.

As a reseller, Compudata acts as an agent or authorized representative for all of its clients. During issue resolution we contact manufacturers on behalf of our clients, working through resolutions with manufacturers of defective products and services. During this process Compudata representatives try to make our client’s experience as seamless as possible. Compudata works hard to ease issue resolution for our clients. Behind the scenes, Compudata representatives make multiple phone calls, and read and write numerous emails on behalf of our clients. Services such as provision of loaner equipment, acquiring negotiated hardware upgrades, or getting quick replacements, ease the process of issue resolution for our clients.

Initiated by one phone call or one email, Compudata employees work tirelessly until our clients are satisfied.

Days of Coverage

We Stand Behind Our Products

Since inception, Compudata Systems has always had a 3 Year Warranty on all of its recommended systems. Over time our 3 Year Warranty has evolved and matured for the better. From its beginnings as an industry standard, the 3 Year Limited Warranty has changed into an industry leading 3 Year Complete Warranty, at no added cost.

Many of our clients have special wants and needs when it comes to Warranty Services. In our efforts to offer the best choices for our clients, Compudata Systems provides custom Warranties. For example, some clients have an Advanced Replacement Warranty, where we work directly with the end-user, while other clients will want to have authorization to provide Warranty Service for systems provided by Compudata. These clients are provided with onsite hardware replacements to facilitate quick response times.

Compudata believes that quality service is a prerequisite for providing quality systems to our clients.

Our Commitment to Quality

Achieving total customer satisfaction is the foundation that supports Compudata’s meticulous Quality Control procedures. All of our systems include only new components, they must undergo at least forty-eight hours of “burn in” time, and they are subject to software and hardware testing protocol that includes over a hundred individual system checks to ensure consistency.

Compudata will continuously improve and further develop quality control procedures for as long as we exist. All systems are completely inspected by Compudata Systems and undergo inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority, as required, at our premises in London.

Our Quality Focus is Simple:

  • Customers’ Needs and Expectations
  • Customer Communication and Total Customer Satisfaction
  • On-Time Delivery and Customer Support
  • High Quality Performance and Defect-Free Products
  • Cost-Effective Operations and Processes
  • Continuously Making Improvements to Processes